The purpose of this course is to train professionals who are skilled in all matters of yoga. They are familiar with the various types of exercises which we connect to ayurveda (yoga practice according to body types), breathing exercises, relaxation and meditation techniques and their physiological effects, as well as anatomy, physiology and general knowledge of health issues.

Our trainees learn much more than just yoga asanas. They gain useful, practical knowledge including yoga and breathing exercises, ayurveda, personal lifestyle, nutrition and relaxation techniques, while also mastering a health-conscious attitude.

We teach health science subjects in a life-like manner, with illustrations and practice, to help memorize the specific anatomical and physiological characteristics of classic yoga more than just learning from a book. Future instructors learn and practice the location, operation and specifications of muscles, joints and bones through personal experience of their own bodies. According to our experience as trainers, it is easier to learn correct practice and to correct inaccurate practice this way.

Our training consists of 4 theoretic exams:

  • health (anatomy, physiology, yoga physiology)
  • asanas
  • ayurveda
  • yoga philosophy

As well as 2 practical exams ( asana and teaching practice)